image of Helpeep community

image of Helpeep community

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Seasonal Greetings to all!

2015 will end very soon. People are feeling good when it comes to the end of year every year.
I have gotten so many helps from so many people in this year as well!
Thank you everyone for giving and sharing happiness and love with me.
Thanks to all, I have felt so much happier and strong when it's hard time especially.

Have you come up with the new year's resolutions yet?
I have. I will continue helping more people and contributing to society in anyways possible.
Hope to build and expand this beautiful community driven platform/system in order to share the love with as many people as possible.
I will continue sharing my stories as well as others on blog.
I will make videos of Helpeep in Action, so that more people have chance to see/know what we are doing.
I have met some wonderful people this past couple months.

Max, an artist who is enthusiastic about contributing his knowledge/skills to Helpeep as a graphic designer and intelligent thoughts. His artistic skills are phenomenon!

and Tony, he does help so many people around him succeed with whatever he can. He is a so talented photographer, making clothes, and many other things. On top of that, he loves to share food with people around him. He has the genuine heart as well as energy to execute his missions.
A very genuine nice guy!
 I am very happy that I am able to meet such people in my life.

I hope there is "help" in anyways on your new year's resolutions list.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!
Tsubasa Goya

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