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image of Helpeep community

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Helpeep case 6
-Help with car troubles-

My first car was 91 Acura Legend. It had so many mechanical problems since it was old and had high millage which kept non operation status for years.
In fact, there are so many problems that I need to keep an eye on temperature, oil and water(supposed to be coolant).

My friend J.C is a mechanic and self business owner of a repair shop.
Whatever happens to my car, I call him and ask for advice whenever needed.
He kindly gives me advice as well as check up on my car pretty often.

One day, my car stopped the middle of freeway exit at night.
He came by even though he was relaxing at home after work and checked up to see what was wrong.
At that moment, it was night and hard to detect cause of problem, so we pushed the car and park near by parking for a night.
Next day or so he towed the car to his own garage  almost 80 - 100 miles away using his AAA membership service. then worked on my car.
After all, he did not charge for the labor work, which costs the most a lot of times, just charged for the parts needed to replace/fix.

The other time, he came by my apartment in early morning before going to work to check up my car. not only checking, but started to fixing at the parking.
He could not finish up since he needed to head out to work. so then he called AAA to tow the car to his garage to finish up fixing.
After the hustle, he did not charge for the labor.

Also, one time I found one tire getting flat at Costco parking lot.
He came by quickly having necessary tools, fixed it on the spot.
He did not charge for it either, just gave me a smile instead.

He has helped me so many times since the car was old and had so many problems.
I was really tired of it, yet grateful of being able to experience the genuine heart of a friend.
He is really generous to offer what he is good at (he is professional) from the heart.
He does it because he loves helping others especially his friends and family.

Thank you very much for your generosity.  I will never forget the appreciation.

I hope we could share what we are good at, capable of with someone in need, start from friends and family from the bottom of heart.
That would build "trust" between us and sense of connection.
We are not alone. There are people around you whenever necessary. just not connected for some reason.
Let's reconnect with friends and family!
Change start from you!

Tsubasa Goya

Monday, January 4, 2016

Helpeep case5
-Sharing food-

Today's story is about "sharing food"  that I would like to share with my helpeep friends!

 It was on new year's eve. I was working all day.
My friend G came to my working place to say hi! He came with his mom and we were just talking.
End of conversation, his mom went out says [hold on second], then came back with food.
She basically went to order the food for ME and gave it to me with just saying [you are a good guy].

I am not what made her want to do that, but I knew she did it just because.
So I appreciate her for her kindness.

and then we said Happy New Year to each other then they left.
10 minutes later, G came back with another food and gave it to me just because!
I did not do anything special to them, just had a good time just talking for a short time.

Because it was busy people are shopping for new year, I did not have a chance to eat at the lunch time I usually go, yet thanks to them, I could eat some food G gave to me for lunch.
When I got back home, I thankfully had the food his mother gave to me for dinner.

Thank you very much! Sharing anything is just caring the person and you can feel it.
It is not about food, but heart that people share makes connection between us without being able to see it.
When the connection gets strong, the trust gets strong.
That has been something getting weak even with own family for some people, I think.

And that I think is the real happiness that we could sense in every moments that we have been seeking for all the time.
I hope this type positive energy would expand and share the love with people surrounded.
And one day, wherever you are, we all connected as human being and the world would live as one.

Happy New Year to all!

Tsubasa Goya

the food G gave  -Tempura-

the food G's mother gave -Gyutan(beef tongue) and other veggies-

Gochiso sama deshita (Thank you for food).