image of Helpeep community

image of Helpeep community

Monday, November 30, 2015

Introduction to Helpeep | A platform/Community to help people from heart.

Hello World!

My name is Tsubasa Goya, the founder of
Helpeep™ was born when I had hard time in the end of 2014.
I had nowhere to go. Just lost a job, didn't even know what to do in my life.
I was at the airport thinking to leave the country, yet did not have enough money to even buy a ticket. I asked my friend who lives near the airport if I could stay at his place. He said yes and came to pick me up at the airport.
Stayed at his place for a couple days.
Two other friends of mine, brother and sister offered and helped me from their heart with their place to sleep, food to eat and ride to wherever I needed to go just because they feel good helping me or others.
They did not help me for money and even did not have any expectation of returns. They helped me only because they feel good helping me.
At the time, I did not even have a job to pay the rent and any bills wondering how I would survive or simply thinking of becoming a homeless..
One of a friend from Judo dojo asked me about my situation, and helped me with $2,000 to cover the cost of living, rent, all the bills and grocery to eat.
I still am grateful of him and his wife in fact I would have been a homeless otherwise.
Thanks to the brother-sister, the friend from Judo and his wife and many other people, I could go through and overcome the hard time.

Throughout the experiences, I have touched people's true heart and felt connected as humankind.
I felt really good to realize that people's true heart has not been dead and gone, in fact there are still a lot of people who help people just because they want to and they know that brings happiness to their lives.

I am from Japan, where people think about others first before themselves. It is only natural to me that people help each other even strangers without any expectation.

I came to the United States in 2008. Soon after, I realized that people here (in Southern California) are busy with their own businesses and no time to care about others and have "Me First" mentality which is completely opposite from where and how I grew up with.
But I understood as Tokyo or big cities are becoming like that even in Japan though just a little bit better still. I could see Japan or other places will be something similar to the situation I am in sooner or later.

I feel like we, human being used to be able to help each other naturally without thinking about money or returns.(we feel gratitude and want to do something back naturally anyways)
And I believe helping people brings sense of connection to others and happiness to our lives being appreciated and needed to others and society.

It is pretty hard to trust people here since a lot of people think about their own benefit and don't care about how others feel or what happens to others.
So people have naturally become defensive not to be tricked or betrayed, thus that makes sort of like "Dry relationship" where people don't trust each other, instead exchange with money or other returns for help, which is easy, simple and does not bring you feel like owe someone something.
It seems like working!...

the problem with that is if you don't have money, you cannot get help.
If you don't have any other resources for return, you cannot get help.
Even you make a lot of money, we feel lonely and alone in this world.
Because of “Dry relationship”, we have the sense of disconnection to others, sometimes even with own family…

I believe people live for happiness, and happiness come from a lot of things, yet genuine sustainable happiness come from being needed by others and society.
Even you do not have anything special, there are a lot of people who need your hand.
Even if you don't have a lot of money, there are still something we can do to help people and society.
And you will realize even you have nothing, there are still people who appreciate you,  who think you are a superhero!

It does not have to be big things. It could be as small thing as smiling at others and say Hi.
That could make their days. That could help their lives. That could save their lives and have the sense of connection with others as humankind.
The connection helps us not to feel lonely, depressed. And being cared feels much better than not cared.
So I decided to create this community driven platform to help each other with what we can do such as:

Giving a ride to your friends and/or family who in need,

Going to grocery shopping for elderly people in your residence, who have hard time driving themselves, going outside and moving/walking too much due to their health condition,

Giving a lecture of what you are good at to people who need some help figuring out things, yet don’t know what to do,

Taking neighbors/friends’ dog for a walk and play with them while they are busy with something else,

Sharing food, drinks, clothes with someone in need,

Making donation to friends and family in need,

Providing a sofa to crash on, and many more! You name it.

By doing this, we can make a better place around the world where people help each other from heart and reconnect each other as humankind.
Also, we would attract same kind of people around and expand the positive energy around you.

Let’s take the first step to make the world better place. We start from people around you and small community.   
Change starts from you! Join us and Let’s change the world together!

Viva the world, Viva human being.
Let's go forward,
Tsubasa Goya