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Monday, January 4, 2016

Helpeep case5
-Sharing food-

Today's story is about "sharing food"  that I would like to share with my helpeep friends!

 It was on new year's eve. I was working all day.
My friend G came to my working place to say hi! He came with his mom and we were just talking.
End of conversation, his mom went out says [hold on second], then came back with food.
She basically went to order the food for ME and gave it to me with just saying [you are a good guy].

I am not what made her want to do that, but I knew she did it just because.
So I appreciate her for her kindness.

and then we said Happy New Year to each other then they left.
10 minutes later, G came back with another food and gave it to me just because!
I did not do anything special to them, just had a good time just talking for a short time.

Because it was busy people are shopping for new year, I did not have a chance to eat at the lunch time I usually go, yet thanks to them, I could eat some food G gave to me for lunch.
When I got back home, I thankfully had the food his mother gave to me for dinner.

Thank you very much! Sharing anything is just caring the person and you can feel it.
It is not about food, but heart that people share makes connection between us without being able to see it.
When the connection gets strong, the trust gets strong.
That has been something getting weak even with own family for some people, I think.

And that I think is the real happiness that we could sense in every moments that we have been seeking for all the time.
I hope this type positive energy would expand and share the love with people surrounded.
And one day, wherever you are, we all connected as human being and the world would live as one.

Happy New Year to all!

Tsubasa Goya

the food G gave  -Tempura-

the food G's mother gave -Gyutan(beef tongue) and other veggies-

Gochiso sama deshita (Thank you for food).

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