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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Hi there!

I would like to start sharing how I have touched the genuine heart of people around me.
I am pretty sure a lot of you have had the similar experiences in you life as well.

My friend Nick has been helping me in many ways ever since I have come to the US.
When I had no idea about this country, he took me to many places and parties to show how Americans live in this country.

I met him at Dojo (martial arts practice hall), so we train together hang out and so on.
He understands Japanese culture and respect people as we do in Japan.

When I have any trouble, he is there to help me with whatever he can.

One time, when my car got stolen, he generously let me borrow his nearly brand new bicycle for almost half year.
Thanks to his generosity, I could commute to work plus had great exercise riding bicycle!
How efficient!

There are so many things that he has helped me with.
What I feel good about is that he does it because he likes/feels good helping people.
I believe he is one of helpeep that I know who is American care about others.

I feel by caring someone, taking actions for someone, we could feel connected.
Even with Social network such as facebook, twitter and so on, sometimes we feel not connected (maybe most time).
A hand writing letter is becoming a email, many other things become digital and more convenient thanks to technology, yet we still feel disconnected. pretty interesting, isn't it?

I hope we feel more connected to people surrounded at least, then even strangers in the future.
By caring others, sharing what you have, both feel joy of life.
Gratitude keeps us going forward.

Let's start sharing what you have and what you can do to others.
Not there yet? let's help yourself first!
Look at yourself in a mirror and say hi with a smile! You could help yourself :)

---I hope someday you join us, and the world would live as one...     ----John Lennon.

Tsubasa Goya
One of helpeep

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