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Monday, December 14, 2015

Hello there!
It is Tsubasa Goya again. I would like to share my experience with you as always.
How helpeep works and be a part of helpeep community.

-Helpeep case3-
Getting a ride to home and grocery shopping.

Today's story is about Yoshi M and Jun S.

Yoshi, a friend of mine from work often gives me a ride to home after work.
I never ask for a ride, but he knows it would be much easier for me, so he just asks me if I need a ride.
Sometimes he even does not ask, just tells me he will take me home from work!
Also he has helped little portion of moving process when I was moving.
What a nice guy and sincere of doing something with what he can do.
He does not do it for money and has no expectation of any returns. He does it because he cares and he can.
Later I offered him to go eat that's on me since I cannot just say "Thank you" just not enough of appreciation towards him that I want to do something to show my appreciation.
Thank you very much!

And another helpeep is Jun S. He works next door from where I work and knew I take a bus for commute.
Whenever he can, he offers a ride to home without me asking.
on the way home, sometimes we stop by grocery store that enables me to buy necessary stuff, food and water.
Thanks to his generosity, I could get meat and veggies to cook at home!
He told me why he does what he does, he saw and heard other people were giving a ride to whoever in need when he was living in Texas before. He remembers that he would like to do the same in a future for others.

That's how 'Pay it Forward' works!

We all like goodness. Helping others simply makes us happy and sense of being needed for others, societies and feel the joy of living.
I am pretty sure that that's what we, all human being love to do.
Hope in a near future, we would touch more of kindness and love by helping each other from the bottom of heart.
Change starts from you by helping people around you.
Let's take action!

Please feel free to give us your comments.
We welcome and appreciate your testimonials to share with Helpeep community also!

Tsubasa Goya
A helpeep

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