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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Helpeep case2

Hi there!
I would like to share my story about one of helpeeps that I have gotten help from.

His name is Shuya S, he is the general manager at where I work.
I started working the company Jan 2015.
In the end of August 2015, I had to find other place to live (since previous place was little bit too high of rent to keep living).
I did not have to move that far, about 5 miles, but I don't have a car, so It was not easy.
I was thinking of having to rent a truck to move.

Mr. Shuya, when he knew about moving, he immediately offered me help with moving.
He is a GM of this company and work pretty much everyday (6.5 days a week),
Yet he kindly offered me his time and labor work (carrying boxes on the stairs from my room to the car back and forth) on his half day off.

After put all my stuff in his Prius, we headed to new place, but owner was not there and locked, so we went to eat at a restaurant before unload the stuff.

He even paid for food (we had Ramen and fried rice!), and helped me unload stuff at new place and went straight to work afterwords..

He did not ask for money or any returns. He just did it because he has a good heart and simply like helping people around.
In fact, later on I tried to pay him and take him to eat, yet he said "No no it's OK".

Thanks to his help, I did not have to spend a penny to move (since I was still tight financially), and even felt great gratitude of true connection with this person.

I will definitely do the same to others when in need in a future.
Pay it forward and make the world better place!

Thank you Mr.Shuya S.

If you ever have this kind of experience, feel free to share with us on comments.
We would like to share and expand the love of true heart with many people as possible.
So that hope we can change the world!

Thank you for reading and I will keep sharing my stories and others'.

Tsubasa Goya

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